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Financial Planning

Your Values. Your Path.

We plan so that your journey is aligned with your destination. We build a personalized map for your path and ensure you know where you are and where you are heading.

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Retirement Planning

At Sentinel Bridge, we’ll create a plan to help you retire the way you want. We’ll focus on understanding your unique goals and aspirations and develop a plan that goes beyond 401(k)s and IRAs. We will build a comprehensive plan that coordinates your assets with employee and government benefits to generate income efficiently and safeguard you from unforeseen events.

With our clear communication and expert guidance, you can feel confident exploring the retirement you envision.

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Education Funding

For many parents, their top priority is making sure their children (or grandchildren) are set up for success. Our financial advisors can help you understand both where to allocate funds for education and how much. We understand the benefits and features of various specialized education accounts and can design a contribution strategy that best suits your family's financial goals and resources.

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Estate Planning

When thinking about providing for the next generations of your family, we’ll create a strategy that will give you the flexibility and control to hand down your wealth (during your lifetime, after, or both) in a way you see fit. We start by helping you develop a plan or purpose for your assets, then we’ll determine what types of assets to allocate, to who and when, and how best to transfer them.

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Business Planning

The owners of closely held businesses have special concerns. Whether providing employee benefits, building strategies to attract and retain key employees, or helping design an efficient exit strategy our advisors can help create a plan for your business that enhances and protects the value of this important asset.

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