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Integrated Planning

A Comprehensive and Tailored Strategy

At Sentinel Bridge our integrated financial planning approach brings together various aspects of your financial life to ensure a comprehensive strategy. This holistic method creates alignment between your goals, your financial resources, the work of our team, and the efforts of your legal and tax advisors to deliver optimal long-term outcomes. By minimizing potential conflicts, redundancies, or inconsistencies in your financial plan, we aim to empower you to make the best decisions for your financial future.

We believe integrated planning is collaborative, interdisciplinary, balanced, and adaptable.


We work closely with you, your family members, business partners, as well as your legal team, accountants and tax advisors when appropriate to ensure your entire team is working towards achieving your vision.


We leverage knowledge from experts in various financial fields — investments, insurance, tax, legal — to develop a plan that addresses a wide range of your goals. This will enable you to confidently know the various aspects of your plan are working in concert.


Yes, we help you prepare for future needs and goals, including retirement planning, children's education, and even multi-generational wealth transfer planning. We also want you to thrive in the present, enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your plans are on track.


We understand that personal circumstances, economic conditions, and financial goals can change over time. That's why we meet regularly and maintain the flexibility to adjust your financial plan accordingly. As your goals evolve your plan stays relevant.

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